Seawater Surrounded Them for Twelve Days

July 23, 2018

Stuart C. Boreham, The first physically disabled person who successfully rowed the Atlantic Ocean

My epic journey (3341 miles between La Gomera - Canaries - and Barbados - West Indies), on my own, unassisted and unsupported, took me 109 days 12 hours and nine minutes. In a very bad storm the boat nearly capsized. The hatch was not sealed completely and the cabin was flooded. The back cabin had 20 cm of water in and the Peli™ boxes containing the on board video equipment were totally soaked and partly submerged by sea water. It took me 12 days to get the cabin fully dry after the event. No water got in to the boxes and no equipment was damaged. I would gladly endorse Peli™ Products for anyone else planning an extreme adventure.