The Best Ways to Store Guns Without a Safe

November 4, 2021

Keeping firearms secure around the house is vital for your family’s safety. It prevents unauthorized people from accessing guns and keeps them out of the hands of those who are unqualified to operate the weapon. So how do you store firearms safely in the home?

While many gun owners choose to keep guns in a safe, it isn’t always ideal for some living situations. For example, some gun owners prefer quick access for home defense, which makes safes inconvenient. For competitors, a dedicated gun safe isn’t transportable either. So what can you do to keep your weapon secure?

Here are some of the best ways to store guns without a safe, from trigger locks to lockable gun cases.

Trigger Locks

Trigger locks are a practical replacement for a gun safe. Affordable with a simple design, a trigger lock or cable lock can prevent a gun from being loaded or fired by unfamiliar hands or an unauthorized user. You can often find trigger locks provided by the gun manufacturer or gun dealer. When you purchase a new firearm, it will most likely already be accompanied by the trigger lock.

However, there are different types of trigger locks:

Trigger Shoe
You can choose a trigger shoe that clamps down around the firearm’s trigger or trigger housing, preventing it from being tampered with.

Cable Locks
Cable locks are designed to block a firearm’s action, preventing it from being closed. Using a cable lock on a semi-automatic pistol prevents the magazine from being loaded into the grip. And when a cable lock is used on a revolver, the cable lock is looped through the barrel to prevent the cylinder from closing.

Padlocks Another basic trigger lock is a simple padlock system. This comes in handy when your gun manufacturer doesn't have a specialized trigger lock that comes with the firearm purchase or you have an older gun. All you have to do is slip the lock’s hasp between the backside of the trigger and the trigger guard to prevent it from cycling. When options are limited, an inexpensive padlock can prevent unintentional discharge.

One thing to keep in mind: Because these types of locks come into contact with the trigger, you must never use them on a loaded gun. If you own a firearm for home defense, a trigger lock may not be the best option. In addition, they do not protect against theft.

Furthermore, these kinds of trigger locks and cable locks were found to be insufficient, especially when it comes to child safety. In 2001, the NSSF recalled 400,000 cable locks that could be accessed without using a key, defeating the purpose of the lock.

Gun Cases

keeping firearms secure

Gun cases are excellent at protecting weapons when you’re on the go, so why not use them to protect them at home, too? Plus, with your cases packed and prepared, you can head to the shooting range or on a last-minute hunting trip at a moment’s notice.

Luckily, Pelican carries a wide range of gun cases available in all shapes and sizes. Our Vault gun case series is incredibly secure. Plus, it’s built rugged and is completely crushproof, dustproof and weather-resistant. You can even find an extra-large shotgun case to secure a rifle and other gear.

The Vault series removes the need for a dedicated gun safe. Instead, you can keep your firearm secure in a tough-as-nails, high-impact polymer shell and retrieve it quickly with push-button latches. Prefer an extra level of security? Pelican Vault gun case series also features stainless steel hasps that can hold a heavy-duty lock.

As a whole, gun cases offer a convenient alternative to a gun safe. They are more affordable, easier to store in the home and can be transported on the fly. Instead of simply throwing a gun in a drawer or closet, choose a lockable carry case that can keep it safe and out of reach.

While there are a few other ways to store guns without a safe, such as strong boxes, security cases and locking steel gun cabinets, we believe a gun case is the best option. With a heavy-duty gun case that is lockable, you can choose to keep it close at hand or in the garage, ready for your next hunting adventure or a trip to the range.

Explore our entire collection of gun cases from the Vault Series and find the perfect case for your rifle, automatic and more.

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