Glamping vs. Camping: Which is Right For You?

December 1, 2020

Glamping is a relatively new concept. Ultimately, it means a more luxurious camping experience and, since its conception, many high-standard outdoor enthusiasts have taken a liking to it so much that this once made-up word has been added to the 2018 edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

While glamping is a wonderfully pleasant and super-restorative way to spend time in the great outdoors, it’s not for everyone. Believe it or not, die-hard backcountry campers and dirtbags find the exact same respite being closer to nature and sleeping on the ground. So if you’re wondering whether glamping vs. camping is right for you, here are some things to think about.

The Key Differences Between Glamping vs. Camping

Camping offers a way to get out in nature, reliant on only the bare essentials needed for survival. Some prefer a few more creature comforts, such as a spacious tent and a rolling cooler to keep beer and other foods staying fresh (instead of eating dehydrated meal kits) at a campsite. Others prefer to go backcountry camping with perfectly rationed food and water and sleep in a hammock under the stars. Regardless of what you carry to rough it or make it tolerable, the intention of camping is the same.

Glamping, on the other hand, is much more than the bare essentials. An elevated form of camping, the word derives from the combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping.” Much more than a comfy chair by the bonfire, glamping often entails unique accommodations, swapping hot showers with hot tubs. It also means eating scrumptious meals and even making cocktails as you watch a movie on an outdoor projector. As you can see, glamping is an entirely different type of camping lifestyle.

Glamping vs. Camping: Advantages of Glamping (Beyond the Luxury)

glamping things to think about

Especially for first-time campers, glamping might seem like the obvious choice. However, once you try roughing it with the bare essentials, you learn to appreciate a traditional camping experience. So, when it comes to glamping vs. camping, it can be a real toss-up and might truly depend on your comfort level and experience.

The truth is that many enjoy both types of experiences. Some even choose glamping vs. camping based on various scenarios – like the time of year, the seasonal weather and even who they plan to camp with. So beyond the creature comforts and extreme luxury, there are some practical advantages of glamping that might persuade you to partake every once in a while.

Accommodations, Sites and Seasonal Availability

Glamping will offer you a more elevated camping accommodation with homey amenities. For instance, on sites like GlampingHub and Hipcamp, you can often find lodgings such as camping cabins, yurts and even canvas style bell tents and safari tents that replace typical ground tents. Many of these come with creature comforts of indoor plumbing with faucets, toilets and even a comfortable mattress in lieu of camp pads. These luxuries and amenities are also convenient for disabled individuals who still enjoy camping trips.

One of the most significant advantages of glamping is its seasonal availability. Unlike camping in a standard tent that offers basic protection against the elements, glamping in a more solid structured accommodation can provide more shelter for rainy days and cold weather. Even canvas bell tents sometimes offer a wood stove inside to keep the place warm in snowy weather for winter camping. In other words, glamping is available every season.

Kid-Friendly Accommodations

Some kids love roughing it outdoors in nature, while others are squeamish of dirt and bugs. So when deciding between glamping vs. camping, take their personalities into consideration.

That said, glamping can make things easier on the parents. A more kid-friendly accommodation with a private bathroom means less stress and fewer midnight trips to the potty. It can also make them feel a bit more secure, without being scared of every single sound outside, allowing you both to sleep through the night. At the end of the day, you know your kid best, but glamping can be a more kid-friendly experience. Of course, all of this advice applies to adults, too!

Finding a Happy Medium

So you’re not a backcountry wilderness camper, but you’d still like a few extra comforts. The good news is that you can turn any camping trip into glamping with a few luxurious pieces of gear and creativity. Simply adding a few solar lanterns to enhance the mood lighting and bringing some delicious take-out back to the picnic table can elevate any regular campsite into a glampsite.

Regardless of whether you choose to camp or glamp, pick up a travel case for camera protection and a brand-suitable case like an Apple phone case to keep your devices secure and free from damage. After all, you want to capture as many memories as possible of your glamping excursion or camping adventure.

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