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Pelican™ 1535 Air Travel Case Charity Auction

We’ve taken the Pelican™ Air case you know and love and made it into the toughest artist canvas on Earth. The Pelican™ Air Artist Series is a limited edition collection of our Pelican™ 1535 Air Travel case. Each case has been transformed into a unique work of art* that pushes the boundaries between art and protection.

Each case in the collection will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with all proceeds benefitting The Best Defense Foundation.

Taking Care of the Ones Who Took Care of Us

The proceeds from each auction will benefit The Best Defense Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on helping military veterans and their families. The Best Defense Foundation ensures that any WWII veteran who wants a measure of closure or the recognition they so richly deserve, has an opportunity to return to their battlefield. At these unique battleground reunions, veterans have received numerous awards, such as the French Legion of Honor, and have been honored at dozens of events and parades.

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* Artwork is not protected by Pelican lifetime guarantee. Full color vinyl wrap material is subject to normal wear and tear.

About the Artist

Dani Blázquez is a Spanish freelance illustrator who started his career in 2013. Since then he has been involved in different projects for international companies located in Australia, Canada, Germany, and the USA. His illustrations have been used in a variety of projects ranging from music festivals, movie posters, and skateboards.

Some of his references are related to pop culture and nature/wildlife, usually mixed with the aesthetics, colors and graphic styles of the 80’s and 90’s. To see more of his work, visit his website here.


Pelican™ 1535 Air Travel Case

Get Organizational Bliss

Stop rummaging through old luggage at check-in lines or remote base camps and travel smarter with a Pelican™ Air Travel Case. Lid organizers have zippered compartments for stowing larger items and see-through mesh pockets secure passports and cables.

Packing cubes keep gear tightly bundled and allow you to arrange your gear by stacking or grouping side by side. Pelican™ Air Travel Cases are also built for versatility. Just remove the packing cubes and replace with optional TrekPak™ dividers, padded dividers or Pick N Pluck™ foam interior solutions (available separately).

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pelican 1535 organization air travel case
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