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With experience in bringing high quality consumer products to market, we are excited to partner with Case Mate to launch Pelican Outdoor under license. Pelican Outdoor is a new collection of outdoor products that are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards that make Pelican products the gold standard in protective equipment and gear.

pelican outdoor absorbent towel
pelican multi use outdoor towel
pelican self inflating sleeping pad
pelican outdoor warm camping blanket

Outdoor Gear

Built to Protect

The Outdoor Gear line offers the highest quality outdoor products for the modern day adventurer. The mission of the Outdoor Gear line is to develop premium, functional and rugged outdoor equipment, with no compromises along the way.

pelican ranger sleeping pad
pelican outdoor blanket
pelican camo multi use towel

Gear Protection

Rugged Flexible Protection

Your needs don't stop at hard cases and neither do we. The Outdoor Protection line offers the highest quality "soft" protection using premium materials and engineering. The mission of the Gear Protection line is to develop universal, functional and durable solutions to your gear's protective needs with no compromises along the way.

pelican shield gear wrap
pelican outdoor rifle wrap
pelcian rugged camera lens cover

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