Personal Cooler Survives the Flames

January 22, 2024

Matt and his wife, Whitney, own a lawn care and snow removal business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Matt likes to use Whitney’s Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler to hold his drinks.

“The cooler does such a great job keeping things cool,” states Whitney.

One morning this winter, Matt was plowing a commercial property. That week would see about 25 inches of snow in their area. The truck suddenly stopped running and caught on fire under the hood. Unfortunately, the couple was now down a truck and plow.

The Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler was in the passenger seat at the time. Despite the cab being burnt to a crisp, the cooler survived. They opened the cooler to find the drinks within had also survived.

“We opened the drinks and drank them,” claims Whitney. “We were just amazed at how well the cooler held up.”

The loss of truck was defeating, but the couple were able to reallocate resources to complete their plowing commitments.

“It is pretty cool that the cooler made it through with drinks untouched!” continues Whitney. “That's a badass made cooler Lol. We are now Pelican fans for life!”