7 Great Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

June 4, 2020

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Got a gun enthusiast in your life? Do you want to surprise them with a special gift? The key is to find a present that honors your recipient’s love for all things firearms while also choosing something they’ll use forever. Anything and everything dealing with gun maintenance is a good choice. Take it from us: gun collectors tend to get downright giddy over finding the perfect gun case. Unique shooting-related experiences are also fantastic gift ideas that you can enjoy together. Here are some gifts for gun enthusiasts that always hit the mark.

1. A Gun Case with a Lifetime Guarantee

Durable, watertight gun cases are the best tools for keeping an arsenal clean, safe and free of rust. Choose a Pelican gun case with a rugged, hard shell and a foam interior. If your recipient is a handgun fan, give the gift of a pistol case. If they love to spend their spare time hunting or sport shooting, give them a rifle case to keep their weapons in pristine condition. As an added bonus, choose a case with a lifetime guarantee.

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2. A Gift Card to the Gun Range

The gun fanatic in your life probably lives to spend time at the range. So, why not take care of the next few visits? You can also set up a special day at the range together. Your friend will probably love to teach you how to shoot or show you their range skills. They may even be able to use the gift card for lessons.

3. A Set of Sporting Clays

If your recipient is a fan of rifle shooting but never got into sport shooting, this is an awesome way to help them expand their interests and master another element of shooting. Consider giving them a set of sporting clays or other targets so they can learn the sport at home. Clay pigeon shooting has been described as “golf with a shotgun”, so it’s a great gift for the golfer slash gun enthusiasts on your list.

4. A Firearm Cleaning Kit

Gun collectors and general enthusiasts love to spiff and shine their arsenals, and it’s not hard to see why. Taking care of firearms helps ensure that they remain accurate and maintain their value for years into the future. Make sure to choose a gun-cleaning kit that contains high-quality basics like a boring brush, solvent, lubricant and some swabbing patches. Check out our guide on how to clean a gun for more ideas.

5. A Tactical Flashlight

Any recipient with a concealed carry license or those who care about weaponry as self-defense will be delighted to receive a tactical flashlight. These are the most durable, dependable flashlights you can buy. They serve as both beacons of light and basic self-defense tools. Grab one with a belt clip that has multiple light modes ideal for tactical scenarios or hobbies, like camping. Throw in some rechargeable batteries to ensure that your recipient always has light when they need it.

6. A Range Case or Bag

So the firearm enthusiast in your life likes to spend quality time shooting at the range or out in the field. Chances are that they could benefit from a good case, backpack or bag to stash their gear. When heading out to the range, experienced shooters like to bring along accessories like gloves, safety glasses, a bottle of water or earmuffs. Choose a durable backpack or a hard-sided protective case with a handle for storing all the essentials.

7. A New Set of Safety Gear

Speaking of gloves, safety glasses and earmuffs, show your love by giving the gun owner in your life gear that will protect them. Protection of the eyes, ears and hands is crucial for ensuring safety and accuracy. Any dedicated gun enthusiast will appreciate anything related to safety or performance.

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Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a holiday or just because, any of these thoughtful gifts are sure to delight your resident gun enthusiast. Throw in a round or two of their favorite ammo and a hand-written card and you’ve got yourself the perfect present for any deserving marksman.

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