Wheeled Coolers



Transport Cold Items Easily with a Wheeled Cooler

We’ve all been in situations that call for a cooler with wheels. Music festivals, beach days, hiking and tailgating call for long treks from the car to the party, the dock, the campsite or the pier. Outdoor activities are excellent opportunities to carry soft coolers on your back, but when you have to bring along the whole party, it’s time to reach for a perfectly packed rolling cooler. Pelican’s wheeled coolers are exactly what you need when you want to haul your food and beverages from one spot to the next without hassle.

Wheeled Coolers Built Pelican Tough

Offering up to 10 days of ice retention and heavy-duty wheels, Pelican wheeled coolers make transporting your food and beverages easy. Each wheeled cooler from Pelican is made from the best technology, giving you cold-as-ice temperatures and worry-free durability. Go ahead and wheel your cooler straight into rugged environments. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant, stainless steel hardware and impact-resistant design, Pelican coolers can go almost anywhere. Don’t believe us? Maybe our lifetime guarantee will change your mind. Our coolers are tough. Pick up a wheeled cooler for every activity, with two sizes available at Pelican.