pelicn products chris favreau general manager vp south deerfield

Chris Favreau

Vice President and General Manager of Operations

Christopher Favreau is an invaluable addition to Pelican’s leadership team as Vice President and General Manager of Operations for Pelican’s South Deerfield, Massachusetts production plant. Chris manages core site functions in South Deerfield and case centers and is helping to grow Pelican’s profitability, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs for both standard and custom products.

Throughout his career, Chris has demonstrated an impressive aptitude in building cross-functional teams on both a national and global level to improve business performance. His hands-on experience on the production floor and skills have instilled in him a deeper, more nuanced understanding of factory needs and processes than the average executive manager.

Prior to joining Pelican, Chris served in several key roles with well know companies, including Vibram USA. Chris holds degrees in English, Business and Project Management from The University of Connecticut and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.