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472-FLD-DESK-DD Field Desk
Interior Dimensions:
0.00" x 0.00" x 0.00" (0 x 0 x 0 cm)
When duty calls and the onslaught of paperwork is too much for one person, the Double Duty is your answer. With two large work surfaces it is easy to divide and conquer all your administrative duties. This dual table field desk folds into one durable shipping container to become mobile in an instant.
  • Two Attached Tables Providing two large, flat work surface
  • Six Drawer Desk
  • Two drawers for your 8.5" x 11" paper work
  • Two drawers that are padlock able for extra security
  • Two large drawers specifically designed for Pendaflex folders
  • Two Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Making big loads more manageable
  • Two Sturdy Field Chairs
  • These comfortable chairs include backrests and can be folded and stored in the lids in seconds
  • Two Power Strips - 6 Plugs Per Power Strip
  • Ensuring you always have a place to plug in your electronics
Cat. #   Description    
472-FLD-DESK-DD-C   472-FLD-DESK-DD Field Desk    

NSN List
Part No. NSN #   Description
472-FLD-DESK-DD-137 7110-01-559-9642   Hardigg Double Duty Field Desk
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