Soft Coolers



Keep Food and Drinks Cool in a Pelican Soft Cooler

At Pelican, we’re well-known for our rugged hard coolers. It’s no surprise, since we’re decades deep into making hard-sided cases to protect the most fragile gear. But, we know there’s a time to be soft, too. And, in our opinion, that’s basically anytime you don’t feel like lugging your sustenance by hand. Pelican soft-sided coolers were made for daytime adventuring, whether you’re hiking, fishing, camping, hitting the beach or heading to a jobsite for the day.

The Perfect Cooler for Your Next Adventure

With two sizes available, each soft cooler serves as an insulated backpack cooler and a cooling shoulder bag. The lightweight design and padded straps allow for the ultimate in comfortable carrying, while the leak-resistant zipper and waterproof seal keep food and beverages safe in your soft cooler bag. Our exterior pockets keep your dry goods dry and our compression molded base creates increased structure and durability. Pelican soft coolers make the perfect travel cooler for any outing.