472-PWC-SCBA SCBA Double Tank Case


Pelican™ Mobile Medical™

This Pelican™ iM2950 case securely transports two SCBA tanks. This watertight & crushproof case features a hinged lid, five Press & Pull™ latches, two double-layered soft grip handle, two padlock-able hasps, a Vortex™ valve and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • SCBA cylinder case holds two tanks up to 7-inches (17.8cm) in diameter
  • Tanks sit in foam cradles and are held in place by adjustable straps
Interior (L×W×D)
29.00 x 18.00 x 10.50 in
(73.7 x 45.7 x 26.7 cm)
Exterior (L×W×D)
31.30 x 20.40 x 12.20 in
(79.5 x 51.8 x 31 cm)

Lid Depth
2.00" (5.1 cm)
Bottom Depth
8.50" (21.6 cm)
Total Depth
10.5" (26.7 cm)
Int Volume
3.17 ft³ (0.09 m³)

Body Material
Injection Molded HPX™ high performance resin
Latch Material
Valox - Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Latch (Alt) Material
Xenoy - Polyester/Polycarbonate blend
O-Ring Material
Pins Material
Stainless Steel
Foam Material
Purge Body Material
1.3/1.35 polyester
Purge Body (Alt) Material
Valox - Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Purge Vent Material
Xenoy - Polyester/Polycarbonate blend

Minimum Temperature
-20° F (-29 ° C)
Maximum Temperature
140° F (60 ° C)