Case Divider System

You’ve always trusted Pelican™ to protect your sensitive gear. Now with our exclusive TrekPak™ system you can kit out your case with the precision your equipment deserves.

You’ll be amazed at how much more gear you can get into your new case. At just 7/16” (1.1 cm) thick, these rigid panels form a precise grid of protection without wasting any space. Together with the included 1” (2.54 cm) bottom foam and convoluted lid foam, the TrekPak system forms a 360-degree cocoon inside your Pelican case.

pelican trekpak camera case dividers
pelican trekpak dividers camera cases

Clean and Strong

The TrekPak system uses pre-installed wall sections, divider panels, locking pins and a fool-proof cutting tool. Just lay your gear in the case, measure and cut the divider sections and lock them in place with the steel U-pins. We include extra divider material so you can change your mind, plus divider panels are also available separately so you can reconfigure your dividers anytime.

The results are impressive. The divider sections are manufactured from waterproof, closed cell foam that is laminated to a rigid corrugated plastic panel. Light, strong and almost impossible to tear or shred, these panels will keep your gear safe for years.

pelican trekpak case dividers custom cutting
pelican trekpak case dividers custom cutting

Don't Get Boxed In

TrekPak™ - Now available for Pelican™ Duffel Bags and Backpacks.

You’ve used our TrekPak™ divider kits for keeping your gear organized and protected inside a Pelican™ Case. Now you can get the same clean and flexible organization inside our Pelican™ Duffel Bags and Backpacks. When it comes to making a seamless transition, the 1510TPKIT (from our Pelican™ 1510 Case) fits the Pelican™ MPD40 Duffel Bag, and the 1450TPKIT (from our Pelican™ 1450 Case) fits perfectly inside the Pelican™ MPB35 Backpack.

TrekPak™: It’s the most adaptable organizational system inside and outside a Pelican™ Case.

pelican trekpak case custom divider system

Change it Up

Reusable and modular dividers for future modifications.

From the top:

  • Convoluted Lid Foam
  • TrekPak System
  • TrekPak Wall Foam
  • Bottom Foam
  • Pelican Case

Watch the TrekPak instructional video

The Cutting Edge

Trimming the dividers to length is a snap. TrekPak’s exclusive double blade tool has a center guide that tracks in the corrugated center. Just place the tool in any hole and pull. The blades follow the slot for a perfectly straight cut every time.

pelican trekpak case dividers custom cutting