pelican pl2 peacemaker pad lock 2 pack

PL2 Padlock (2 pack)


The Commando Lock Peacemaker locks feature our Solidbody Tek construction: an interlocked and riveted body design that’s stronger than conventional locks. Compliant with US Military standards for safety and construction, these locks are ideal for all security uses. With a rust-resistant zinc coating and dual-hardened stainless steel, Peacemaker locks can handle much more than your average wear and tear. Chamfered rivet holes prevent the lock from fracturing when they're chiseled and our boron-alloy shackle is far more cut-resistant than your average steel. Additionally, the UV-resistant polypropylene bumpers will not scratch or mark your valuables. All Commando locks come with a pick and bump resistant security pin system that can feature up to 10 security pins, and Peacemaker locks are key responsible - meaning the key stays in the lock until fully locked or open 180 degrees. Made in the USA with USA and global components.

  • Two keys per padlock
  • Anti-bump and pick technology
  • Patented solidbody tek
  • 5 security pins
  • Resists almost 5,000 pounds prying
  • Locksport approved
  • Guaranteed for life
  • 1 1/8" shackle length