Extreme Ice Retention

Extreme insulation, durability, and exclusive features are built into each Pelican™ cooler. Our hard coolers keep ice, food, and drinks cold for days. Form meets function to create leakproof, easy-to-carry soft coolers. We offer a range of sizes from large marine coolers for a commercial catch to small, personal coolers for a day of adventure. Wherever your adventure takes you, protect your food or drinks with a Pelican cooler.

pelican elite cooler ice chest

Maximizing Ice Retention

Chill First/Pack Cold

Before packing, bring cooler inside or into air conditioning overnight and pre-cool it with a load of ice.

Ice 101

Block ice melts at a slower rate and maintains temperature best, but cubed ice chills quickest. A mix of both may help you get the best results. Dry ice compatible.

Ratio of Cool

For maximum efficiency, we recommend a 2:1 ratio of ice to goods. When not filled to capacity, top with additional ice.

Hold Water

As ice melts in your cooler, resist draining. Retained water acts as additional insulation while blocking airflow to help maintain your cold temperature.


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