Ice Storm No Match for Pelican 1510

April 9, 2022

In early February 2022 an ice storm came through my home town of Memphis which according to the NY Times caused around 60,000 people to lose power for almost a week. I was leaving for a work trip the next morning, so I had already packed the car in expectation to leave for my early flight. The storm hit and in addition to losing power, the accumulation of ice on the trees combined with high winds caused one of my neighbor's trees to fall directly on my SUV in the middle of the night.

I woke early the next morning to prepare for my trip and had a rude awakening as we surveyed the damage. Along with my normal luggage, my Pelican 1510 Protector Case was in the back of the now smashed SUV covered by the fallen tree, a huge amount of ice and broken branches.

I work in the audio/visual production industry and was leaving for a production located in the North East in a few short hours. With no other option, I crawled through the fallen branches, and discovered that the tree had crushed the back hatch of my Highlander and shattered the window. I looked inside and saw my Pelican case covered in glass, ice, water and bark. I feared for the worst as the case had been exposed in the middle of this crazy storm overnight for hours.

I was able to free the case and brought it inside, I found that everything inside was dry and in perfect condition. The 1510 is probably 5 years old and has been around the country with me countless times. Sure it has its share of road wear but it still protects all my gear perfectly. I thought I couldn’t live without it before this storm, and now that the case has saved me thousands of dollars in potentially damaged gear and more missed income from not being able to make my production, I continue to swear by keeping all my most critical gear in a Pelican. Thanks again for making a storm-proof product.

Will Odom - Memphis TN