When the Heat Rises, Pelican Stays Cool: A Fire Survival Story

July 14, 2023

We recently received a remarkable tale from Don, a Pelican Customer from Alabama. It's a story that illustrates the resilience and exceptional performance of Pelican™ coolers in the face of extreme situations.

As Don heading home from Louisiana on I20 East in his Ford pickup he heard a very distinct boom as his truck began to catch fire. His dashcam captured the terrifying moment, until the flames swallowed the view and the video cuts off.

With the smoke billowing and flames licking the edges of the truck, they had to act swiftly. They tried to salvage as many belongings as possible, but left much of it behind, including the Pelican Elite Cooler. Don attempted to rescue the cooler, but the fire was too aggressive due to a drag tank filled with 100 gallons of diesel fuel on board that eventually caught on fire and turned the truck into a ball of flames. It was a significant loss, with both personal and company tools sadly lost to the inferno.

But here comes the incredible part — when Don returned to the charred remnants of his vehicle, the Pelican cooler had withstood the intense fire. The latches and hinges had melted in the heat, but inside, it was a different story. The cooler had protected its precious cargo, the ice and the beer within, insulating them from the destructive fire.

While the day brought immense loss, there was a glimmer of hope, a cold beer that survived the fiery ordeal. We are sincerely grateful that nobody was harmed during this terrifying incident, and we are humbled that our Pelican cooler could bring a moment of comfort on an otherwise catastrophic day.

It’s testimonies like this that highlight the Pelican #BuiltToProtect motto. We don't merely pledge to protect your belongings, we're committed to preserving those small comforts that can mean the world in the face of adversity.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Don for sharing this remarkable story. Do you have a Pelican Survival Story you'd like us to feature on social media? Share it with us! We're always humbled to learn about your experiences with our products.