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Dave Callen & Rob Munday

Helicopter Rescue

SR3 Rescue Concepts is a company specializing primarily in helicopter training and rescue operations. With instructor backgrounds in law enforcement, aerial firefighting, search and rescue and other niche fields the SR3 team provides the highest levels of instruction to first responders and military units worldwide. Dave is a certified flight instructor pilot, and the company’s owner/operations manager, while Rob is a hoist operator and rescue specialist who coordinates the hoist rescue training division of the company. Both are operational instructors and highly experienced in their craft.

team pelican rob dave helicopter
team callen munday search rescue
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What motivates you in the morning?

Coffee, shortly followed by the prospect of flying around some of the amazing places we train!

What is your mantra for when things are tough?

Trust your training!

If you could do anything else, what would it be and why?

Rob – It’s tough to admit this, but I sometimes get jealous of the guys up front! – I’d be a pilot! – Dave – I always wanted to be an astronaut growing up, or work for NASA. Can’t help it, I’m a space nerd.

Describe your best moment ever.

The feeling of completing a technically challenging rescue mission can’t be beaten!

How did you get into your profession?

Rob – I started as a ground-based wildland firefighter – then realized it’s a lot of fun being airborne too! It all started from there! – Dave – I started in the Air Unit with Las Vegas Metro Police and worked my way up to being an instructor and rescue pilot.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Proper preparation prevents p*ss poor performance!

What are your top three Pelican products?

We love the pelican “air” cases for transporting all our rescue gear to our classes, they’re lightweight for airline travel and keep our lifesaving equipment safe! We’re stoked to carry our lunches out into the field during classes using the Dayventure backpack coolers and we’re safety transporting our electronics including computers and iPads using Pelican laptop backpacks and cases, it’s comforting to know our electronics are clean dry and waterproof no matter the weather!

team pelican dave helicopter cockpit
team munday search rescue
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team callen munday helicopter rescue