Customize a selection of our premium lighting tools. From custom corporate giveaways to custom department standard issue lights, Pelican offers a solution that fits your needs.

pelican products custom flashlights 7600 police flashlight wand
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Custom Flashlight Color

Pelican can take your corporate Pantone color to best color match the exterior of the light.

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Custom Wand Color

We prioritize fit and function, and will work with you on custom wand designs and colors so everything fits perfectly in to place and works for you. You can even remove components such as the clip so that it fits exactly as you need.

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Custom Lights Color

Even the light colors can be customized! Need green for go? Yellow for caution? Or Pink for fun? We can customize up to three different colors of light.

Custom Packaging

If you have a vending machine program, we can customize packaging that is specific to your vending machine.
Minimums apply. Pricing varies based on Customization options.

Eligible Flashlights

CAT NO. Batteries Length ANSI Run Time
7100 Rechargeable Lithium ion .12" (13 cm) 1h 15m
1h 30m °
9h 15m ±
7600 Rechargeable Lithium ion 6.19" (15.7 cm) 3h 15m
4h 30m °
29h ±
7610 1 AA 5.38" (13.67 cm) 45m
1h 30m °
6h 30m ±
7620 2 AA 6.75" (17.15 cm) 1h 45m
4h 30m °
13h ±

High    Medium °   Low ±

pelican police custom flashlights nypd flashlight

Department Identifications

Some of the US largest police networks choose Pelican to outfit their entire departments with custom tactical flashlights.

LAPD worked specifically with the Pelican product team to develop a light specific to their needs. That light is now the popular 7000 flashlight.

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Promotional Giveaways

Be the talk of your organization by giving your employees something useful and completely out of the box. Our premium flashlights are sure to get your employees excited and feel the appreciation.