pelican dive float

A Marker Recovery System

The Portable Buoy that Can Save A Loss . . . Mark a Find . . . Or Even Save Your Life!

The Pelican™ Float quickly deploys from the surface or underwater to mark diving "Hotspots" or items lost overboard.

Neutrally bouyant underwater until dispatched, it marks valuable finds too big or too heavy to carry.

This patented, injection molded buoy is virtually indestructible and colorfast, with dayglo red rings. It rides high in the water and is easily seen in all weather and light conditions.

The Pelican™ Float carries 100 feet of 225 lb. test tether line, attached to a uniquely designed 6 oz. non-drag anchor.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

pelican float braided tether line

The braided tether line supplied with the Pelican™ Marker and Recovery System is used because of its high strength-to-buoyancy ratio (225 pounds working test). This type of line has a tendency to kink if twisted while being rewound. To eliminate this problem, simply hold line in palm tightly, with thumb and forefinger supporting float body.

Turn line onto reel by turning body with other hand. It is very important line be rewound tightly and evenly. This method may take slightly longer to rewind, but will insure positive trouble-free unreeling action when dispatched again.

pelican float release pin

Pull anchor release pin and let anchor fall out of end of float. Pull line from reel snap and simply drop whole system where desired.

Repeat above steps. If marking a find to be recovered, tie anchor line directly to object, and recover from surface if object weighs 200 pounds or less.

The Pelican™ Marker and Recovery System is made totally of corrosion proof materials. However, we recommend rinsing with fresh water when used in sea water to eliminate dried salt deposit build-up between moving parts.

Note: The Pelican™ Float will rise to the surface if accidentally dropped overboard or released underwater.

pelican float marker recovery system
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