RFMT001LG Large Roof Case Mount

for BX140R Cargo Case

Use Vehicle Mounting Kits for your Pelican™ Cargo cases to expand your storage possibilities. Whatever your cargo needs are - we have a solution for truck beds and roof racks. Mounting kits are available for Ford™ , Toyota™ , Chevrolet™ , Jeep™ , Ram™ and other vehicles. No drilling required. Locks to vehicle securely with a TSA, cable lock or padlock (not included) on one or both sides of case and can be removed in seconds.

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Large roof bracket
  • 2x Cargo case latch kit


pelican 140r rfmt001lg large roof rack mount
pelican 140r rfmt001lf cargo roof rack mount
pelican 140r cargo case roof rack mount