Pelican Cooler Burnt to Crisp - and Still Has Ice!

January 25, 2022

This amazing testimonial involving the Pelican™ Elite cooler came to us from Jesse, a veteran power linesman for a California utility company. He’d seen Pelican cooler performance firsthand in the hot sun on work trucks before, but this episode was ridiculous.

It all started as he was towing his travel trailer home from the lake. In his rearview mirror, he saw smoke and flames pouring out of the trailer windows. With some quick action and a 911 call he was able to stop on the shoulder and somehow unhook the trailer to avoid losing his new truck, too.

After the firefighters put out the flames, the burnt-out trailer was towed off the highway where it sat for a few days. When Jesse returned to tow it to his property, he spotted the charred shape of his Pelican Elite cooler among the ruins.

The cooler’s latches and hinges were melted, but, as he moved it, he felt liquid and ice sloshing inside. Understandably, on such a hot day, his curiosity and thirst got the better of him. So, with the help of a Sawzal™ saw, he sliced open the lid and recorded the following video:

We’re thankful that no one was hurt in this incident and that on an otherwise tough day, we were able to offer him the simple pleasure of a cold drink from his charred cooler.

As we interviewed him for this story, this quote stuck with us: “I’m a Pelican guy for life, I’m not going anywhere!” We feel that it’s these types of ongoing customer relationships that show Pelican #BuiltToProtect is more than just a slogan. From work equipment to adventure gear, it’s our commitment to protect everything that you value.

We want to thank Jesse and his family for sharing this unique story. Do you have a Pelican Survival Story you’d like us to feature on social media?