Pelican Proud to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain Shipments from Discovery to Distribution

The time has come for pandemic recovery and we’re proud to be a small part of this effort. COVID-19 vaccines and therapies are rapidly becoming available for use and they must be safely distributed worldwide, within their required temperature range. Pelican’s BioThermal division is providing temperature controlled packaging to meet this critical moment, protecting these crucial payloads.

Our innovative cold chain packaging has been trusted for nearly 20 years by pharmaceutical manufacturers to safely ship their life-saving products around the world. To meet the current challenge, we’ve adapted our existing products to provide deep frozen temperatures when required for the newly developed life sciences materials. Current and new offerings will ensure the cold chain is maintained throughout the vaccine or therapy’s journey, maximizing efficacy and patient health.

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Pelican biothermal deep frozen vaccines
Pelican credo cube frozen covid-19 vaccine shipping