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Pelican proudly offers protective solutions for the US government and military. Ensuring that our products perform the best in the most punishing environment of all: the battlefield. Whether its standard cases or completely custom case solutions, our products are battle tested and will protect your most important equipment.


Schedule 84 GS-07F-9216S

Schedule 81 GS-15F-0019M

Tools for the Field


Cases for Weapons & More

Pelican offers the largest range of protective cases perfect for weapons, medical instruments, deployment kits, platoon kits or anything that needs to be protected.


Custom Cases

If equipment or projects require specific and customized protection, Pelican has a team of engineers and partners to design, produce, and test the perfect transportation and packaging solution.


Mobile Military Medical & Office Protective Solutions

From medical supply trunks, cases and chests, to field desks and footlockers, Pelican has built all the tools for military equipment to be protected in the field.


Tactical Lights

Lights for every situation: recon lights, search lights, maritime lights, area lights, security check point lights


Remote Area Lighting (RALS)

Provide area light with lightweight, portable remote area lights, with multiple heads and Bluetooth activation (select models), you can light up a security check point or medical emergency with a push of a button.



Our team of experts at Pelican can work with you to provide a quote for any of our standard products or custom solutions through our approved procurement programs.


Schedule 84 GS-07F-9216S

Schedule 81 GS-15F-0019M

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Veterans Ambassador Program

If you’re a veteran and love Pelican Products, share your experience with the world.
all requests require review and approval

What’s involved to be a Pelican Veteran Ambassador

  • Deliver 2 Original Posts each month for Pelican Professional to post on social media sites. Pelican will @tag the ambassador to give photo credit
  • Be available for one phone interview that can convert into blog content every-other-month.
  • Write a Product review (300 words) every-other-month from the perspective of their military branch.

What's in it for you?

  • The opportunity for $1,000 MSRP in Pelican Product (terms and conditions apply).
  • The opportunity to be a beta tester for new and exciting products.

In order to qualify candidates must:

  • Be a non-active Military Veteran from one branch of the five Armed Forces
  • Already contribute premium, quality content to social media relevant to a military branch of the US Armed Forces
  • Maintain a quality social media following that’s interested in content relevant to their military branch
  • Be able, willing and dedicated to providing original social content to Pelican

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