Chad Belding

Waterfowl Hunter, TV Host

On opening day of the 1997 Nevada duck season, Chad Belding sat in a blind with a few close friends. Soon the gadwalls began their morning flight, and when his buddy lured the grey ducks in range with a perfect sequence of hen calls, and the boys opened up, well, that was it—Belding was hooked.

A consummate worker, Belding was driven to push his own waterfowl brand. Banded Productions began in 2008, and “The Fowl Life,” his hit TV show, followed the next year and is now in its fifth season on Sportsman Channel. More shows followed, namely “Dead Dog Walkin’”, focusing on predator hunting. By 2014, Banded Productions will be involved in seven different hunting shows.

With younger brothers Clint and Clay, Belding continued working tirelessly, always pushing to diversify and expand Banded. After assembling one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable staffs in the industry, he spawned Banded Nation, which now includes several other ventures, including Banded Gear, Last Call Ringtones, Banded Hunts, Banded Retrievers, Banded University, Banded Fusion, Banded Calls, and Banded, a waterfowl-specific gear company that offers 1,700 different products for beginners to the hard core hunter.

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