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Pelican Protector Custom Case Line

Protector Case

Pelican Protector Case double throw latch

The original Pelican™ Protector™ Case was introduced more than 40 years ago and has since evolved into the global standard for equipment protection. The ultra-reliable double-throw latches hold tight under extraordinary drops and impact.

Pelican Storm Case Custom Case foam

Storm Case

The Pelican™ Storm Case™ has the same legendary DNA as our Pelican™ Protector™ Case, with one primary difference: a unique press and pull latch that locks automatically, but opens with a light touch.

Pelican storm Case press pull latch

Protector Case / Storm Case Features

  • Watertight*, Crushproof, and Dustproof
  • Open Cell Core With Solid Wall — Strong, Lightweight Design (Most Pelican™ Protector™ Cases)
  • O-ring Gasketed Seal
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve - Balances Interior Air Pressure and Keeps Water Out
  • Double-throw Latches (Pelican™ Protector™ Case)
  • Press and Pull Latches (Pelican™ Storm Case™)
  • Stainless Steel Hasp Protector Prevents Cutting
  • Stainless Steel Hinge, Handle and Latch Pins
  • Rubber Overmold Handles Offer Sure Grip in Wet Weather
  • Wheels and Trolley Handles on Many Larger Case Sizes
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
Pelican Products Single Lid custom cases

Single Lid Case

Watertight* Single Lid Cases offer 20% more protective material in the edges and corners (where it is needed most) so they are exceptionally durable and reliable. With recessed handles and integrated stacking ribs, these cases can be fitted with a wide range of bolt-on options like document holders, skid runners or casters, tie down rings and even a humidity indicator

Pelican Products custom single lid cases

When searching for the right size case, keep in mind that most Single Lid cases can be inverted to make a Shallow Base Container. They are designed to allow easy placement of bulky and heavy items into the container. Shallow Base Containers are also helpful when accessing tie-down and hoist attachment points on equipment. This container style is ideal when there is a need for your equipment to be exposed when the lid is removed.

Pelican custom rack mount cases

Rack Mount Cases

For the same toughness as a Single Lid Case but with double ended lid openings, use our sturdy aluminum and steel racks with shock mounts to protect delicate electronics. Seven styles (Classic Rack, SuperMac™, MAC Rack™, Black Box, ProRack™, 33” Classic-V, and 24” Super-V) are available, from ultra sensitive to rugged protection options.

Pelican custom case rack mount cases

Single Lid / Rack Mount Features

  • Molded-in, Tongue-in-Groove Gasket For a Watertight* Seal, Even After Impact
  • Patented Molded-in Metal Inserts For Catch and Hinge Attachment Points
  • Up to 20% More Polymer In Corners and Edges For Additional Impact Protection
  • Recessed Hardware Keeps Handles and Latches Out of Harm’s Way
  • Positive Anti-Shear Locks Prevent Lid Separation After Impact and Reduce Stress On Hardware
  • Molded-in Ribs and Corrugations for Secure, Non-slip Stacking, Columnar Strength, and Added Protection
  • One-piece Construction, Molded from Lightweight, High-impact Polyethylene
  • Steel Rack Frames for Secure Electronic Mounting (Rack Mount Case)
  • Double End Lid Openings for Front and Back Internal Case Exposure (Rack Mount Case)
  • Shock Mounts Isolate Frame from External Forces for Optimal Protection (Rack Mount Case)
  • 1 Year Limited warranty
Pelican custom case size cut weld cases

Custom Case Sizes: Cut and Weld

Pelican’s cut and weld process can be used to build custom dimensions and oversize containers. One or more host cases are cut and rejoined by melting polymer rod, producing a seam that is stronger than adjacent wall panels and guaranteed watertight*.

Pelican custom case engineers cut weld

Case parts are accurately cut

Pelican custom made cut weld cases

Polymer seams are welded to form new case size

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