Interceptor   iPhone 6 / 6s  

Our Interceptor glass screen protector is tougher, clearer, stronger, and thinner. Keys wont scratch it, fingers won’t smudge it, and a drop won’t instantly chip or crack it. Give your phone the protection it deserves with the Pelican™ Interceptor.

  • LEBENSLANGE GARANTIE - Die lebenslange Garantie von Peli*: Wir ersetzen dein beschädigtes Gerät – ein Leben lang.™
  • Made with extremely thin HD glass for supreme clarity and low detection scratches.
  • 3x stronger than 98% of all other accessory glass on the market.
  • Hands free placement tabs. No fingerprints stuck under the glass.Resists cracks and chips when bent up to a 40˚ angle.

CATALOG #: C02110




Gehäuse: 0.33mm Asahi Glass


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