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7060 LED Troubleshooting Guide

(A) Light does not turn on

  • Place the light into charger, wait 1 minute after charger LED starts to blink red, remove light from charger and check for light function. Make sure that tail switch contacts lineup on the half moon contacts of the battery pack. Allow light to charge completely after test is done.
    Why? (Battery pack has Protection Circuit Module (PCM) that shuts off the battery pack in excessively high/low voltages and short circuit conditions. Placing the light in charger will re-set the battery pack.)

    If Charger LED stays solid red, go to Section (B) Light does not charge.
  • Battery may be inserted in wrong direction - remove Tailcap and if you see this picture (Fig. 1), battery is inserted correctly.
    Otherwise, remove battery pack and re-insert following direction shown on the battery pack label (Fig. 2), aligning the battery pack slot to rib inside the body
    7060 LED wrong battery directionFig. 1 Fig. 2
  • If light still does not turn on, the LED assembly may be defective. The only way to test it is by putting straight voltage onto LED contacts. If power supply is available, set voltage to 3.6 volts DC and place the positive lead onto the center spring contact of the LED. The ground lead is connected to the circumference contact of the LED. (Fig. 3)
    7060 LED ground lead Fig. 3
  • If LED does not turn on with direct voltage, LED assembly needs to be replaced.
  • The tail switch can also cause the light not to turn on if the internal contacts are defective. Replace if spring contact is deformed and/or contacts are bent.


(B) Light does not charge

  • Check charging studs (Fig. 4); make sure top of the charging studs are slightly recessed from the body surface and that charging studs are clean.
    Dirty charging studs or studs recessed too deeply will cause the light not to charge.
    7060 LED charging studs Fig. 4
  • Inspect battery pack (Fig. 5) for external damage on plastic casing and/or contacts. If battery contacts are too recessed into housing, battery won't make proper contact with switch.
    7060 LED battery pack Fig. 5
  • Batteries with manufacturing date 4806 may be have difficulties due to intermittent connection with switch. In this case, side switch must be replaced. RMA# is needed for customer to send the light in for warranty.

(C) LED is dim or blinks

  • Replace LED module

(D) Side or Tail Switch ON/OFF function intermittent

  • Replace Side switch

(E) Side Switch does not click ON

  • Replace Side switch

(D) Tail Switch does not click ON

  • Replace Tail switch

Updated: 10/15/2009