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equipment in cardboard boxEach year, 15 billion dollars worth of corrugated fiberboard is sold in the U.S. alone, generating more than 24 million tons of waste.Pelican™ Products, a leading manufacturer of high-impact, damage resistant Protector™ Cases has emerged with an environmentally friendly, repeat-use, shipping solution at a time when businesses are increasingly going green. Recently their extremely tough cases solved a few major problems for the product trial and trade show sample department at a Fortune 500 consumer electronics manufacturer:

  1. The expendable packaging the company was using had become extremely expensive because of its short life span and the substantial labor costs associated with building and packing these boxes. In some U.S. cities, the disposal cost of corrugated can be as high as the cost of purchasing it.

  2. Expendable packaging was not only expensive; it offered poor protection from impact and the elements, exposing sensitive equipment to unnecessary damages. As a result, a number of their sample units were being damaged in-transit making shipping an expensive proposition.

  3. In addition to labor, economic and asset protection concerns, expendable packaging is consuming vital natural resources at an exponential rate.

equipment in Pelican caseAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005, paper and paperboard products annually accounted for more than 34 percent of the 246 million tons of waste generated in the United States. The waste recovery process releases astronomical amounts of green house gases which will continue to affect climate changes all over the globe. Even when paper is recycled, the process still requires natural resources and money to convert the wasted materials into useful products.

The company realized that they needed a more cost effective, robust and environmentally responsible method of shipping their delicate computer components. They turned to Pelican Products, Inc. for a superior packaging solution.

Pelican proposed a range of customized solutions that would dramatically decrease their packaging costs, reduce the amount of shipping-related damages and dramatically eliminate the waste that expendable packaging creates.

Virtually indestructible, the watertight and crushproof construction of a Pelican Protector™ Case ensures that sensitive equipment stays protected over the course of repeated trips. Additionally, Pelican Cases’ lifetime guarantee means that packaging costs can be amortized over hundreds or thousands of trips as compared to expendable packaging (i.e. corrugated cardboard and Styrofoam™ Brand Foam), which typically only lasts 1 to 3 trips.

The benefits of changing to Pelican’s more permanent shipping solution were immediately evident.

In a comparative study, one Pelican Case solution (the Pelican 1450 with custom foam) paid for itself after a mere three trips. For the more substantial company’s packaging needs, Pelican customized their 0370 Cube Case, which was able to pay for itself in a little over 20 trips. And since Pelican stands by their Cases with a lifetime guarantee, the cost savings continue to grow with ongoing use.

Pelican offers a wide range of case sizes and custom configurations which create superior packaging value by reducing environmental impact, packaging costs, improving product/part protection and decreasing product/part damage. In addition, customers reduce packaging disposal costs and the associated environmental concerns.