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So There Was This Block of C4 So There Was This Block Of C4...

At this time the helicopter had been destroyed by two maverick missiles. The only thing that was salvageable was the Pelican case. The case was completely intact with minor burns and one broken latch. The contents of the case all functioned properly, nothing was damaged. The case contained 6 satellite phones, an electronic radio system, a highly sensitive digital camera and a block of C-4 explosive. We used the case and equipment throughout our stay in Iraq, which lasted a few months. Thank you for a fine product. Your product is a definite asset in the fight for freedom.

Jason Bitterman - Oda 551

No In-Flight Movie Offered No In-Flight Movie Offered

The plane hit with such force that it sheered the left wing and float right off and as the plane rapidly sunk, everyone was able to escape out the exits.  For over nine hours, the plane was submerged some 6-8 feet under water, loosely held to the right pontoon! When we were finally allowed to recover our gear, I was planning for the worst, because the water damage or impact had destroyed just about everyone's gear.  But when I opened the lid on my Pelican 1650 case, I was astonished to find that there was very little water inside and everything was intact! Daryl Dolynny

Crushed Ice — Optional Crushed Ice — Optional

We chose the best gear that we could get our hands on, including Pelican boxes to safeguard our camera gear, radios and satellite telephone.  At 81° North latitude, one of our plastic kayaks, with a Pelican box mounted on deck, became caught in the current-driven ice pack and was thoroughly steam-rolled.  Many items loaded inside the kayak were crushed, but the Pelican deck box emerged through it all unscathed. Steve Smith, Adventurer

Pelican Cat-ChowPelican Cat-Chow

On a recent trip through Zimbabwe the 1150 Pelican case became the prey of a member of the carnivore family. Shumba, less than a year old, pounced on the case and subjected it to its inch long canines. The Pelican case withstood its brush with the jaws of death and also the rock bashing hike into the Zambezi valley and all the whitewater Ross encountered in the following weeks. Ross O’Donoghue

Extreme Combat Luggage Extreme Combat Luggage

On October 6, 2004, my vehicle suffered an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack. I was sitting in the front passenger seat and my case was located on the floor between my feet. The explosion happened directly under my feet, ripping the entire engine compartment apart. If it wasn't for the 1150 case, I would not have been able to send you these pictures. Once again, thanks for a great product! Owen Rice, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Combat Engineer

Worry Free LuggageWorry-Free Luggage

When I tried to drive the Camel Trophy Land Rover Discovery up a steep slope to a higher road the vehicle tipped over. We rolled down tumbling sideways until we stopped lying on the side. During the tumble only one Pelican was damaged because it had hit a rock. I was amazed even more to find that nothing inside the cases was damaged. Since the Pelican cases performed so well during the Camel Trophy I am no longer surprised about their strength and can count on them to roll with the punches. Linda and Gerard Blankestijn, Team Holland

Small Investment, Big Protection Small Investment, Big Protection

When the officer returned, the case had obviously been run over and sported tire tracks. Even though the case was severely scratched with a destroyed corner and latch, the very expensive digital camera it housed was completely protected and in good working condition.  We returned the case and received a new one no questions asked.  The case that ended up costing around $36, protected an item worth roughly 20 times more, turned out to be a pretty good investment! Ken Jones — Westminster Police Department, California

Man’s Best Friend Man’s Best Friend

As I emptied the water out of my canoe on the shore, I lifted the case and it felt heavy like a case filled with water. Maybe I didn't get any pictures on this trip, but I still had my dog and that was good enough for me. For the remainder of the trip, the camera sat untouched in its Pelican case. Later on when my wife picked me up, I told her the story, as I have told you, and asked that she open the case for me.  She did, and the camera was DRY! Thank you Pelican™. Patrick Crawley

9 Out Of Ten Camels Prefer Pelican 9 Out Of Ten Camels Prefer Pelican

My buddy and I purchased four camels in the Thar Desert of India and rode a thousand kilometers to the border of Nepal. All of our delicate gear – cameras, computers, solar panels, and a satellite phone – were protected by Pelican boxes. When you see one of your 1,200 pound pack camels rolling in the sand, scraping against a tree, or bucking like a bronco, you want the best gear protection possible. Pelican boxes are the answer. Pelican boxes are watertight, dust proof, rust proof, and camel proof.  Jim Wiltens, Adventurer