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A quintessential American company, Pelican™ Products began as a part-time mail order business and has evolved into a leading, internationally-recognized developer and manufacturer of indestructible, watertight equipment Protector™ Cases and technically-advanced flashlights that are considered the gold standard around the world. All their products are backed by a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: “You Break It, We Replace It…Forever.”™

Headquartered in nearly 200,000 square feet in Torrance, California (just south of Los Angeles), the company has more than 600 employees, as well as distribution and sales centers in Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Singapore and Australia.

Pelican™ products were created with protection in mind. Virtually indestructible, the company’s vast array of cases and lighting systems are rugged and reliable. Watertight and crushproof construction ensures that even the most precious cargo stays protected, and the tactical design guarantees you’re ready to go, whether it’s on the worksite or the front line.

Protector Cases
Pelican Protector™ Cases are some of the most durable in the world. Featuring an open cell-core construction, genuine Pelican Cases can be easily identified by their distinctive, trademarked “Dual Band” design. Additional standard features include a waterproof seal and an automatic Gore-Tex® pressure equalization valve that stops moisture from entering the case and protects against pressure changes.

• ISO 9001:2000 Certified
• Six Sigma Quality Assurance
• A Continual Improvement Company
• Winner, American Manufacturing Association Excellence Award