Pelican Products Rugged Protective Mobile Phone and Tablet Cases

It doesn’t matter how nice your phone is once the screen cracks. Save yourself the heartache and hassle of a mangled mess with the Pelican™ Interceptor screen protector. It’s the ultimate barrier between your phone screen and everything trying to destroy it.

All screen protectors are the same, right? Wrong! Just like the glass you’re drinking out of isn’t the same as the windshield in your car, ours is a special kind of invincible. How?

So glad you asked. Remember that pesky periodic table from school with all the elements on it? Well, we took a couple of those elements and created a special bath to dip our already superior glass into; some science stuff takes place, and it results in the glass taking on superhero type strength. (If you want the details of said science-bath, click here and let your inner genius come out to play.)

Our glass screen protector is tougher, clearer, stronger, and thinner. Keys wont scratch it, fingers won’t smudge it, and a drop won’t instantly chip or crack it. Give your phone the protection it deserves with the Pelican™ Interceptor.


Made with extremely thin HD glass for supreme clarity and low detection scratches.


3x stronger than 98% of all other accessory glass on the market.


Hands free placement tabs. No fingerprints stuck under the glass.Resists cracks and chips when bent up to a 40˚ angle.


Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee: you break it, we replace it. Forever.™ See for full details.

Pelican Products Rugged Protective Mobile Phone and Tablet Cases

In order to give our Interceptor screen protector extra-strength durability, we place our glass in a molten salt bath. (Molten means really, really hot. Like, if you were to take an Epsom salt bath inside of a volcano type hot.) Because this heats up the surface of the glass, it causes an ion exchange between the elements in the bath and the glass itself to take place.

An ion is an atom with unequal protons and electrons, when these two things aren’t equal…. they go looking for partners. And they find said partners by fusing into the surface of the glass.

Larger ions from the molten bath replace the smaller ions that were in the glass before, creating a deep compression layer within the glass itself.

It’s not just an extra coating that could peel or separate later, the strength is actually fused into the glass. This compression layer gives the glass a built in armor, making it freakishly strong. Which is great for protecting your phone screen.

Pelican Products Rugged Protective Mobile Phone and Tablet Cases
iPhone 5/5s/SE
iPhone 6/6s
iPhone 6/6s Plus

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