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Solution Delivered: The client required a reusable, rugged transport case to safely deliver the equipment to
operating rooms. A Pelican™injection-molded 1770 wheeled case was specified due to its watertight, crush
and dust resistant properties. Anti-bacterial, closed-cell nitrile foam serves as an equipment tray, leaving the
case outside the operating room. The foam can be sterilized repeatedly.

Solution Delivered: This portable X-Ray medical unit is transported around the world via conventional shipping
channels. Immediate and reliable performance on arrival is critical to proper diagnostics. A Pelican-Hardigg™
roto-molded case with elastomeric shock mounts and redundant foam protection eliminates the risk of in-
transit damage.

Solution Delivered: A Pelican-Hardigg™ roto-molded case and custom foam cushion developed for medical
maintenance operations allow the device to be transported in extreme environments. Drop testing using
dummy loads with G-force sensors determined the appropriate foam configuration to meet stringent shock
and vibration requirements.

Solution Delivered: Conceived to be rapidly deployed to mass-casualty emergencies or military forward
operating bases, the Canon Mobile Digital Radiography (DR) system folds away to be packed into a Pelican-
Hardigg™ roto-molded case for long distance freighting by air or truck. On arrival, the unit can be ready for
use in as little as 2 minutes.

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