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• Product Specifications
• Customer Performance Needs
• Product Interface and Access Points
• Stability, Impact and Drop Requirements
• Environmental and Field Conditions
• Vent and Pressure Requirements
• Mobility and Freight Compliance

• CAD, 2D Layout and Solid Models
• G-Force Mapping and Applied Cushioning Curve
• Tooling Design
• Equipment Support and Cradle Design
• Part Isolation and Sway Space Planning
• Usage and Operation Optimization
• Environmental Analysis

• Shock and Vibration Attenuation
• Submersion and Rain Resistance
• Shear Force Testing
• Dust Particulate Ingress
• G-Force at Specified Drop Heights
• Extreme Temperature Tolerances

• Warranted Parts and Accessories Engineered to Specifications
• Integration of Customer Parts and Accessories Per Functional Specifications
• Quality Control Testing and Inspection
• On Time Delivery
• Technical Support

Advanced Case Solutions are the result of a multi-disciplinary, 4-stage process. Working closely with you,
our engineers can customize the protective system according to your product specifications, usage and
evironmental analysis.

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