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Kevin Deighton

Kevin Deighton
Vice President of Research and Product Development

As Vice President of Research and Product Development, Kevin Deighton utilizes more than 15 years of engineering and technical expertise to research and development of all new Pelican products from concept to manufacturing to market.

Before his promotion, Deighton served as Pelican's Director of Product Development where he managed and launched more than 60 of Pelican's 107 products.

Some of his career highlights include leading the development of the Los Angeles Police Department's 7060 LED flashlight and the company's transition from traditional incandescent lights toward tougher and more energy-efficient LEDs.

Prior to joining Pelican, Deighton served as a Mechanical Engineer for Vickers Defense Systems, one of England's oldest and most venerable armament builders. While there, he worked on programs for both the British and US military battle tanks and multiple rocket launcher systems. He also served as Engineering Manager for a real-estate lock box manufacturer, Multacc.

Deighton has been awarded 18 United States patents, holds a MBA from Cal State Long Beach and a degree in Technology and Management Science from the University of Bradford UK.

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