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John Padian

John Padian
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of Pelican Products, Mr. Padian's day-to-day operational responsibilities and in-depth knowledge of the business drive the effective execution of a diverse set of objectives.

Padian is directing an aggressive growth strategy with an exponential increase in sales and infrastructure around the globe. Pelican has recently positioned itself worldwide boasting offices in many locations such as Australia, Canada, Spain, China, Japan, Korea and India. They are also working to establish offices across Europe and the Middle East.

With a sizable and growing staff in New Product Development, Manufacturing and Market Research he is guiding the company to new heights with new market penetration and product expansion in all areas of business, including the military, fire, police and recreational industries. To support these objectives, Padian has led the initiative to expand the company's manufacturing capacity to include a plant in Crottendorf, Germany as well as domestic distribution centers on both coasts.

During Padian's 30 year career at Pelican he has contributed to the company's remarkable success and to making it the global manufacturer that it is today. Prior to his promotion as Vice President of Sales in 2002, Padian served in several sales positions. Before settling in the Sales department in 1989, he successfully managed a wide variety of departments including Purchasing, Inventory Control and Production.

Padian holds a bachelor's degree in Business from the California State University at Long Beach.


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Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems. Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire safety, law enforcement, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime. The company operates in 19 countries, with 27 offices and six manufacturing facilities across the globe. For more information, visit or