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October 14th, 2005       ***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***


TORRANCE, CA - October 14, 2005 -- Designed with hunting and fishing enthusiasts in mind, Pelican™ Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-impact, all-purpose watertight Protector™ Cases and technically advanced safety approved flashlights, has unveiled a premium line of camouflaged Mossy Oak® "Break Up®" pattern flashlights and cases in new premium packaging.   

Considered one of the most popular Mossy Oak patterns, "Break Up" is known for its digitized realism, depth and contrast. "Pelican's state-of-the-art packaging showcases the products in an eye-catching consumer friendly format in a very competitive flashlight market. I'm confident that this program will provide added incremental sales in the sporting goods retail market," said Kevin Emmons, Pelican's Outdoor and Sporting Goods Division Manager.  

Pelican flashlights sport a nearly indestructible, engineering-grade, polymer construction and a unique, trademarked faceted design. Their lamps are among the most intense on the market (Xenon and LED). Standard design features include an umbrella valve that alleviates hydrogen gas buildup; anti-shock battery protection systems to ensure proper connection; and polarity guard trays for proper battery installation.  

Boasting an ultra-durable polycarbonate construction, Pelican Protector™ Cases protect delicate equipment from some of the most extreme conditions on earth. Additional standard features include an elastomeric liner for shock-protection and a dust/waterproof seal, as well as a pressure balancing, Gore-Tex® automatic purge valve. Of course, Pelican Cases can also be spotted by the distinctive, trademarked "Dual Band" design.

As with all Pelican products, the cases and flashlights are backed by a Legendary Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence: "You break it, we replace it...forever."

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Pelican Products is a leading manufacturer of technically advanced flashlights and high-impact, watertight equipment Protector™ cases. For more information contact the company at 23215 Early Ave., Torrance, CA 90505.  Phone: (310) 326-4700 or (800) 473-5422 (Outside CA), Fax: (310) 326-3311,,

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