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April 8, 2004       ***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***


TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA – Pelican Products, Inc., the Torrance, California maker of high quality flashlights and protective equipment cases announced today that the Court granted summary judgment for Pelican against ElectroSource, LLC of Vernon, CA. holding that a trademark that ElectroSource had purchased and then immediately used to sue Pelican for trademark infringement, had long since been abandoned. ElectroSource began using the name “Pelican Accessories” on various products including hard and soft carrying cases and flashlights among other items starting in about 1998. Pelican began using the Pelican mark as its house mark at least twenty years earlier, as early as 1978, and has used that mark on a number of models of soft and hard carrying cases and flashlights since then.

In a strategic maneuver that backfired, ElectroSource purchased an abandoned trademark logo that also included the word “Pelican” and then claimed that Pelican Products, Inc. was infringing that mark. Federal Court Judge, Nora Manella, granted Pelican’s motion to dismiss that case on the ground that the purchased mark had long since been abandoned. Pelican believes that ElectroSource’s maneuver was aimed solely at achieving a tactical advantage in another trademark suit involving ElectroSource. Pelican is confident that the first suit, that was delayed nearly 18 months while the second suit was decided, can now go forward and Pelican will finally be able to proceed to trial and obtain an injunction prohibiting ElectroSource from causing further confusion in the market by its use of the “Pelican” mark.

“This was a frivolous smokescreen that purposely delayed the real issue from being heard,” said Dave Parker, Pelican’s President/CEO and founder. “We are hoping for an expeditious trial date on this matter, and want all of our customers to know that Pelican’s products are not to be confused with those made and advertised by ElectroSource as ‘Pelican’ products.”

Pelican Products, Inc. is a privately held industry leader, specializing in the manufacture of high quality lighting products and protective cases, known throughout the world as Pelican Flashlights and Cases. The company, founded in 1976 employs 450 people in its Torrance facility, and also has sales and distribution offices in Barcelona, Spain and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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