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March 31st, 2005       ***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE***


TORRANCE, CA –­ March 31, 2005- Pelican Products’ high-impact, watertight Protector Cases have been selected to house Prime Alert®, GenPrime’s industry leading Biodetection System.  Adopted by a wide range of government organizations, law enforcement agencies and emergency first responders, the Prime Alert kit contains mobile field testing equipment that can identify potentially life-threatening toxins and microbes commonly used in biological weapons.

“GenPrime is one of the leading bio-hazard threat detection companies in the industry,” said Mark Rolfes, Director of Sales for Pelican.  “We are pleased to be working with them to provide solid equipment protection for Prime Alert, an important tool for use in homeland security initiatives.”

“Prime Alert requires a casing solution that can perform in the most extreme situations,“ said Buck Somes, Vice President of GenPrime. “Pelican’s cases are the gold standard in the industry, so it was only natural that we would choose to work with the best in the development of Prime Alert’s packaging.”

The Pelican Protector Case™ line offers extreme strength, rigidity and protection as a result of their cell-core solid wall construction.  The cases can also be spotted by the distinctive, trademarked “Dual Band” design.  Pelican Cases feature a neoprene o-ring in the lid for a waterproof seal, and a Gore-Tex® purge valve that stops moisture from entering and automatically balances interior and exterior air pressure. 

GenPrime’s Prime Alert Biodetection System is one of the first independently tested and field proven broad spectrum screening tests for all bacterial agents identified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as potential biological weapons.  Delivering accurate results in 10 minutes or less, Prime Alert elevates the industry standard for counter-bioterrorism products by using a patented fluorescent detection technology to rapidly determine the presence of harmful microbes in foreign substances. Portability, affordability and ease-of-use are features that enable the kit to be deployed in any situation.

About Pelican

Pelican is a leading manufacturer of OEM and equipment protection solutions.  Their high-impact, watertight Protector Case™ line is among the toughest, lightest and most dependable on the market and backed by a legendary Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence - “You Break It, We Replace It…Forever.” For more information regarding Pelican Products, contact them at 23215 Early Ave., Torrance, CA 90505.  Phone: (310) 326-4700 or (800) 473-5422 (Outside CA), Fax: (310) 326-3311,,

About GenPrime                                                                                                     
GenPrime, Inc. specializes in the development of rapid microbial screening tests designed to identify toxic biological substances in the field. The company is committed to bringing revolutionary quality control to product testing methodologies used by the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical and environmental industries. Company headquarters are in Spokane, Washington. For more information, call 509-624-9855 or visit

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