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Pelican Products Press Releases


January 16, 2007
Pelican™ Case Protects Bowhead’s Landing Zone Kit

October 18, 2006
Pelican™ Products and Westover Scientific Team Up To Keep Information Flowing

October 18, 2006
Pelican Products and AMS Team Up To Drill Down

September 5, 2006
Pelican Products and BMS Help Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Monitor Situations

June 7, 2006
Pelican Products and ACR Electronics Team Up To Track The Lost

April 10, 2006
Pelican Products and Analox Team Up To Keep Industrial Divers Safe

March 31, 2005
Pelican Products and GenPrime team up

May 10, 2004
Pelican protects its name

April 12,2004
Pelican awarded judgement in infringement case

April 8, 2004
Pelican wins summary judgement in trademark suit

December 12, 2003
Pelican settles infringement issue

November 4, 2003
Pelican files against foreign infringement

September 10, 2003
Pelican's infringement action moves forward

July 14, 2003
Pelican is successful against Chinese infringement

May 28, 2002
Pelican reaches agreement in trademark/patent infringement