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9470RS Remote Area Lighting System (with wireless activation)
9470RS Remote Area Lighting System (with wireless activation) Replacement Parts
Part #   Description Version of Product
001616-6562-110E   CASE M/C ASSY,9470RS, PELI, BLACK
001616-6562-240E   CASE M/C ASSY,9470RS, PELI, YELLOW
009463-3142-000   Battery 9460/9470 - Gen I, Gen II, RS (requires 2)
009463-3288-000   MAIN POWER LEAD,USA MC-1122,PELICAN
009463-3289-000   MAIN POWER LEAD,EU MC-3226,PELI
009463-3290-000   MAIN POWER LEAD,UK MC-5224,PELI
009463-3341-000   MAIN POWER LEAD,AUS MC-9020,PELICAN
009463-3348-000   Green rt angle hd plug Kit, 9460B/9470B/60RS/70RS
009466-2111-000   POLE CARRIER Kit, 9460B/RS,70B/RS (set of 2)
009466-3344-000   RC Fob Assembly Kit - Pelican,9460RS/70RS
009466-3344-000   RC Fob Assembly - Pelican,9460RS/70RS
009466-3344-000E   RC Fob Assembly - Peli,9460RS/70RS
009466-3344-000E   RC Fob Assembly Kit - Peli,9460RS/70RS
009466-3358-000   IC MODULE ASSY, 9460RS/9470RS
009466-3556-110   LIGHT HEAD,9460B-RS/9470B-RS,BLACK
009466-3556-245   LIGHT HEAD,9460B-RS/9470B-RS,YELLOW
009466-6240-000   POLE ASSEMBLY 9460/9470
009476-2069-000   FIXINGS Kit, 9470B/9470RS
009476-2141-000   METAL WORK Kit, 9470B/RS
009476-3349-000   WIRING Kit, 9470B/RS
009476-3556-000   CHARGER ASSEMBL, 9470B/RS (no leads)
009476-4142-000   FOAM & TRAY Kit, 9470B/RS
009476-5141-000   LABEL SET PELICAN Kit, 9470B
1613-121-111   CASE M/C ASSY,9470RS, PELICAN, BLACK
1613-121-245   CASE M/C ASSY,9470RS, PELICAN, YELLOW
1616-934-110   WHEEL ASSY, RT, 1610/20/9470RS, MOB KIT
1616-934-111   WHEEL ASSY, LT, 1610/20/9470RS, MOB KIT
1626-932-111   DOLLY ASSY, 1610/1620/9470RS, w/o WHEEL
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