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9440 Remote Area Lighting System
9440 Remote Area Lighting System
The most innovative RALS unit to date, the 9440 moves fast to light up ravines, confined spaces, riverbanks... anyplace generator lights can’t go. Deployed, the mast extends 7 feet high, shining light over low obstructions encountered by traditional lantern style lights. With a 120 degree beam spread and up to 2400 lumens, the entire emergency area will have the light you need for a safe and swift operation.

The 9440 is maintenance free, using super tough LED lamp modules and NiMH batteries for up to 6 hours of continuous light.

Adjustable carrying strap included.

Cat. #   Description    
9440   9440 Remote Area Lighting System    

NSN List
NSN #   Description
6230-15-204-8978   9440

Downloadable PDF's
MSDS - NiMH 9435-40-45.pdf Material Safety Data Sheet
9443-311-000_AU10.pdf Instruction Sheet
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