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9430IR Infrared Remote Area Lighting System
9430IR Infrared Remote Area Lighting System
Pelican's new 9430IR (infrared) spotlight reaches down-range to provide situational awareness without compromising stealth. 24 infrared lamp modules generate light making targets and potential terrain hazards more easily distinguishable to forces equipped with night vision equipment. Capable of operating 75 yards out, the 9430IR extends the tactical advantage of night vision technology.

Covert Checkpoint: Now soldiers can establish covert NV checkpoints to asses threats and provide advance warning to exposed personnel.

Perimeter Security: The 9430IR can be hand carried to remote locations. Equipped with night vision and digital communication, forces outside the perimeter can remain virtually stealth* and silent while using the 9430IR to report enemy movement.

WARNING: This product emits a slight red glow in darkness and should be tested for suitability before deployment. Avoid eye or skin exposure to activated beam. Do not stand in front of or stare into activated beam.

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9430IR   9430IR Infrared Remote Area Lighting System    

Downloadable PDF's
CSB+Battery+MSDS_V2010_NEW.pdf Material Safety Data Sheet
9430IR_Pelican.pdf Instruction Sheet
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