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MityLite™ 2300 Flashlight
MityLite™ 2300 Flashlight
The MityLite 2300 Flashlight packs a lot of power in its small body. Unlike ordinary flashlights that produce a yellow beam, the 2300 has a focused Xenon modified spot that produces a tight white beam that penetrates smoke and fog. Just twist the shroud to turn on. The Xenoy polymer resin body is resistant to chemicals, water and corrosion. Attach the MityLite 2300 to one of our optional helmet light holder clips and you have a hands-free light for work or play. Powered by 2 AA alkaline cells.

Body Material: Xenoy Polymer Resin

Minimum Pack 6 ea.
Packaged Weight: 4.3 oz.

Cat. #   Description    
2300   MityLite™ 2300 Flashlight (Carded)    

NSN List
NSN #   Description
6230-01-395-5230   2300C Black
6230-01-462-9721   2300T

Instruction Sheet
Downloadable PDF
2303.311.000 5-0784.pdf
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