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Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces Pelican "Pros"

By PelicanTeam on July 2, 2012


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Renowned Athletes, Adventurers, and Explorers Sign on to Champion New Pelican ProGear™ Consumer Brand

TORRANCE, CA  July 2, 2012 –Pelican Products, Inc. the global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced lighting systems and high-performance protective case solutions, today introduced the ‘Pelican Pros’ program as a platform designed to identify and engage extreme athletes, adventurers and explorers who exemplify Pelican’s core values (Enthusiasm  – Quality - Respect – Flexibility – Integrity - Accountability – Innovation). Taking a grassroots approach to promoting the brand, Pelican Pros (well-known adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts) act as brand champions as they incorporate Pelican ProGear™ products into their exploits.

Heading up the program as the first Pelican Pros are Jeb Corliss (one of the world’s foremost BASE-jumpers and wingsuit pilots), Craig Sawyer (Ex-Navy SEAL, tactical trainer and advisor), and Mark Davis (renowned salt water fisherman and host of Outdoor Channel’s Big Water Adventures).

“Pelican ProGear is designed to give consumers the same military-grade performance that professionals in the harshest environments have relied upon for more than 35 years.” said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican Products, Inc. “We welcome Jeb, Craig, and Mark as the first Pelican Pros, not just because they use our products, but because they typify the core values of our company.”

Jeb Corliss has dedicated his life to human flight, catapulting himself to recognition as one of the world’s best-known BASE-jumpers and wingsuit pilots. Corliss has made more than 1,000 jumps – including jumps from the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Falls in Venezuela. Incorporating wingsuits into his adventures and perfecting the art of freefalling, he pushes himself to the limit while flying by cliffs and mountainsides at high speeds.

Craig Sawyer began his tactical career with service in the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy, eventually involving himself in Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. With expertise in various forms of martial arts, Sawyer has used his tactical proficiency in Hollywood tech advising. In addition to basic stunt man skills, he frequently advises on explosives, tactical driving, military free-fall training and shooting packages – as learned from his time spent as a U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper.

A 100-ton Master Captain, Mark Davis has over 20 years of expertise in the fishing industry – including everything from spending time on the ocean to the retail, wholesale and manufacturing side of the business. Davis is currently filming his sixth season as host of the Outdoor Channel show, BigWater Adventures, an adventure-themed show where he travels to the best coastal destinations to showcase onshore and offshore species.

Pelican will identify and invite additional qualified outdoor enthusiasts and athletes throughout Q3 and Q4 to join the Pelican Pros program as brand champions.

The Pelican ProGear brand includes new, rugged, protective consumer products designed to allow users to transport and protect all that they value, regardless of environmental conditions. The Pelican ProGear line can be viewed and purchased directly from its new site, www.PelicanProGear.com. Additional consumer products will release throughout 2012 under the Pelican ProGear brand.

About Pelican Products, Inc.
Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in design and manufacture of both high-performance case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems.  Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including firefighters, police, defense / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer.  Pelican™ products are designed and built to last a lifetime. The company operates in 12 countries, with 26 offices and five manufacturing facilities across the globe. For more information, visit www.Pelican.com or  www.behrmancap.com. 


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