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September 9, 2015 Pelican Products, Inc. Offers Unmatched Protection for the New iPhone® 6S and iPhone® 6S Plus
August 21, 2015 Pelican Products, Inc. Adds Rugged Cases For Samsung Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge+
June 12, 2015 Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces Rugged Case For the Samsung Galaxy S6 active
June 3, 2015 Pelican Products Rolls Out The 1670 Case
April 10, 2015 Pelican Products, Inc. Announces Leading Line of Pelican ProGear™ Smartphone Cases for Samsung® Galaxy S® 6 and Galaxy S® 6 Edge
April 7, 2015 Pelican™ Introduces The iM3410 Pelican™ Storm Case™
March 31, 2015 Pelican Introduces Next-Generation Pelican ProGear™ Vault Cases For the Apple iPad Air® 2 and iPad mini® 1/2/3
March 24, 2015 Pelican Products, Inc. Rolls Out the Wheeled Pelican ProGear™ 45QW Elite Wheeled Cooler
March 10, 2015 Peli ProGear™ Elite 22" Carry-On Luggage Honored With the Prestigious iF Design Award
January 26, 2015 Pelican Products, Inc. Rolls Out the Wheeled Pelican ProGear™ 80QT Elite Cooler
November 18, 2014 Pelican and Remington Outdoor Company Launch Custom Firearm Cases on ShopRemingtonCountry.com
September 22, 2014 Pelican Products, Inc. Debuts Elite Roster of Pelican ProGear™ Phone Cases for iPhone® 6 & iPhone® 6 Plus
August 6, 2014 Pelican Introduces Pelican ProGear™ Elite Luggage
June 18, 2014 Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy S® 5 Active™
April 18, 2014 Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces New Lineup of Rugged Phone Cases
April 14, 2014 Pelican Introduces the iM2050 Pelican Storm GP1 and GP2 Cases for GoPro® Cameras
April 16, 2014 Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces the Pelican ProGear™ 20QT Elite Cooler for King-Sized Performance in a Compact Size
December 9, 2013 Pelican Introduces Pelican ProGear™ Vault Cases for Apple iPad Air™ and iPad® mini with Retina display
November 6, 2013 Pelican Introduces the Pelican ProGear™ Protector Samsung Galaxy® S4 Case
September 26, 2013 Pelican ProGear™ i1065 HardBack™ Case Protects and Displays iPads
September 10, 2013 Pelican ProGear™ 1070CC HardBack™ Case Protects Ultrabooks
July 22, 2013 Pelican Products Introduces Off-Road Case Models
July 2, 2013 Pelican Products Introduces The Pelican ProGear™ S115 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Pro Pack
May 20, 2013 Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces The Pelican ProGear™ U160 Urban Elite Half Case Camera Pack
May 9, 2013 Pelican™ Takes The iM2435 Pelican™ Storm Case™ On The Road
May 6, 2013 Pelican Products, Inc. Super Sizes With The Rugged Pelican ProGear™ 150QT and 250QT Elite Coolers
April 2, 2013 Pelican Introduces the Pelican ProGear™ Vault and Pelican ProGear™ Protector iPhone® 5 Cases as its First Interactive Smartphone Protection
March 21, 2013 Pelican Products, Inc. Adds the Higher-Capacity 95QT Elite Cooler As the First Addition to Their Popular Pelican ProGear™ Elite Cooler Line
March 7, 2013 Pelican Products, Inc. Introduces Pelican ProGear™ S130 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Divider Pack
October 2, 2012 Pelican Products, Inc. Announces Pelican ProGear™ Sport Backpack Line
August 2, 2012 Pelican Products, Inc. Announces Pelican ProGear™ Pistol and Accessory Case
August 2, 2012 Pelican Products, Inc. Announces Pelican ProGear™ Elite Coolers
August 2, 2012 Pelican Products, Inc. Announces Pelican ProGear™ Sport Wallet
July 2, 2012 Pelican Products, Inc. Announces Pelican ProGear™ Urban Backpack Line
June 20, 2012 Pelican Launches New Pelican BioPharma™ Division
May 10, 2012 Pelican Product Goes On Set With 1510SC and 1560SC Studio Cases
November 16, 2011 Pelican Unveils Five HardBack™ Cases To Protect Portable Electronics
November 10, 2011 Pelican i1075 HardBack™ Case Protects The Applie iPad/iPad2
October 3, 2011 Pelican Goes To Work With The 1460TOOL-Mobile Tool Case
September 27, 2011 Pelican Products Unveils The 1560 Laptop Overnight Case
July 20, 2011 Pelican 1075 HardBack™ Case Protects Netbooks and Tablet Computers
December 6, 2010 Pelican Cases Protect 1.9 Million Year Old Man
October 25, 2010 Pelican Launches Pelican-Hardigg™ Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) Cases
September 14, 2010 Pelican Launches Pelican-Hardigg™ Composite 19" Rackmount Cases
May 25, 2010 Pelican Launches High Level Case Customization Capabilities As Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions
April 15, 2010 Pelican Launches The 1460EMS Case
March 3, 2010 Pelican Delivers The World's Largest Protector Case™
October 5, 2009 Pelican-Hardigg Introduces 33" DE Cases
September 16, 2009 Pelican Dials Up the i1015 Case to Protect the iPhone™ and Other Smart Phones
September 11, 2009 Pelican Delivers The 1170 Case
September 3, 2009 Pelican Introduces The 1740 and 1770 Long Cases
July 6, 2009 Pelican Products Now Offers More Than 70 Different Injection Molded Equipment Protection Solutions
June 16, 2009 Pelican Products Adds 24 Rotationally Molded Case Models To Offer Infinite Equipment Protection Solution Choices
February 17, 2009 Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest is Military Approved and Ready for Civilian Use
September 22, 2008 Pelican Delivers The 0500 Transport Case
July 14, 2008 Armstrong Tools, Pelican and UFPT Win $125 Million Defense Contract
June 25, 2008 Pelican Extends HardBack™ Line With Launch Of The 1090 HardBack™ Case
June 23, 2008 Pelican Products Unveils The 1510 Laptop Overnight Case
June 13, 2008 Pelican Case Protects Corder Power's Portable Military Power Solution
April 22, 2008 Pelican Introduces Dual Mode Shipping Case
March 20, 2008 Pelican Products Canada Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract for Futuristic Military Transport Case
September 24, 2007 Pelican™ Introduces Flash Memory Card Protector™ Cases
May 31, 2007 Pelican™ Protector™ Case Used By Caribou Luggage As Extreme Side Cases
May 23, 2007 Latest Pelican™ Protector™ Cases Meet Rigorous NATO/European Standards
February 5, 2007 Pelican™ Introduces Mobile Stock Room
February 5, 2007 Pelican™ Introduces One-Man Arsenal
November 20, 2006 Pelican™ Introduces A Mobile Workstation For 17” Laptops
November 10, 2006 Pelican Rolls With The 1630 Transport Case
October 4, 2006 1690 Transport Case Rolls Onto The Pelican Protector™ Case Line
August 17, 2006 Pelican™ Defends Laptops with The High-Tech 1080 HardBack™ Case
June 30, 2006 The i1010 Case by Pelican™ Protects The Apple® iPod® Shuffle™ and Nano
June 14, 2006 Pelican™ Introduces EMS Cases
May 4, 2006 Pelican™ Unveils A Rolling Warehouse
April 25, 2006 Pelican Takes The 1440 Case On The Road
February 27, 2006 Pelican Cases Meet NATO/European Standards
December 19, 2005 i1030 Micro Case Protects Apple® iPod®
November 1, 2005 Pelican introduces the 1430 Top Loader Case
October 14, 2005 Pelican goes Camo with Mossy Oak®
September 29, 2005 Pelican works with Military, develops desert tan cases
May 20, 2005 Pelican’s new 0340 cube case
May 20, 2005 Pelican’s new 1560 case
April 26, 2005 Pelican’s new TSA PeliLock
January 3, 2005 Pelican Unveils Adventure Series