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4-Stage Custom Engineering

mission critical

Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions™ are the result of a multi-disciplinary, four-stage process. Working closely with you (or your product engineers) our own engineers can customize every point of the protective system from shock and vibration attenuation to impact protection and operational logistics according to your product specifications, usage and environmental analysis. Our internal teams have long-term experience in designing everything from simple foam cushions to extremely complex metal structures for use in dramatically diverse shipment, storage, and use conditions – including military deployments and combat situations. From deck-mounted equipment to bezel-mounted electronics with integrated exhaust fans to cases with multiple access points and interface portals or extended-profile customizations – no case requirement is beyond our capabilities.

In extreme temperatures, undergoing radical oscillation or direct impact, surrounded by water, chemicals or fine dust particulates – your product is protected inside our Advanced Case Solution. We control every stage of the process to ensure integrated performance of your part and our protective solution, from interior stabilization to exterior hardware. Investing in an Advanced Case Solution ensures your Mission Critical operations will not fail, whether it’s lives or livelihoods on the line.

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