Custom Services


From our exclusive do-it-yourself Pick N Pluck™ foam to sophisticated metal fixtures cushioned with elastomeric shocks, Pelican makes it easy to customize a case to your specific needs. Most of our cases include Pick N Pluck™ foam pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply place your item on the foam, outline it with chalk, then pick and pluck the cubes to form a protective cocoon around it.

For a more custom fit, send us your product or your CAD files and we'll cut the foam, then top it off with your company's logo. For heavy stuff, we'll add metal decks or cradles and shock mounts to isolate your part from the case shell. Need more? Then consider options like forklift pockets, heavy-duty spring-loaded handles, O-ring gaskets and pressure relief valves. Pelican—not just another pretty case.