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Pelican Products V Series Rackmount hard cases

Off-the-shelf Rack Mount Case With Pro-Grade Features

Gearing up for an event? Now you can get pro-grade rack mount cases in days instead of weeks, guaranteed! Other rack case makers claim to be fully stocked, but don’t be surprised if your case order is delayed. Plus, only Pelican maintains inventory on both coasts, reducing your freight cost and transit time.

Pelican Products Vibration shock mount rack cases

Vibration is Your Enemy

Drops and impact are an obvious no-no with electronics, but vibration puts damaging repetitive stress on delicate parts and soldered joints. That’s why you’ll find 8 heavy duty rubber shock mounts to isolate the frame inside the shell. The polymer outer shell absorbs impacts, and the shock mount inside dissipates residual movement. Rack mount cases without shock mounts transfer impact forces directly to the electronics inside.
Learn more about case shock mounts

Pelican Products rack mount case universal U mounting

Universal Mounting

Pelican-Hardigg™ V-Series Cases are built utilizing a full-boxed 19” steel rack with a industry-standard square hole pattern, so hanging electronics with tab mounts is a snap. These cases also include clip nuts - just attach the clip nut onto a square hole and you’ve got a secure, threaded mount. We even ship the case with your choice of 10-32 Imperial or M6 Metric clip-nuts.

Pelican Products V Series rackmount case universal clip nut sae metric
Clip Nuts are included. Just attach the 10-32 Imperial or M6 Metric clip nut onto the square hole and you've got a secure, threaded mount.
Pelican Products V series rackmount watertight pressure valve
Manual Purge Valves allow air pressure to be equalized to the atmosphere. This prevents vacuum lock that can make opening the case difficult.
Pelican Products waterproof rack mount cases water tight seal
O-ring Gaskets located on the lid works with the purge valve to create a fully watertight seal.
Pelican Products V series classic super rack mount hard cases

Classic-V vs. Super-V

What’s the difference? We’ve drawn on decades of rack mount case experience to produce two tiers of performance.

The Pelican-Hardigg™ Classic-V Series has a 33” depth frame and has longer shock mounts and a larger sway space between the rack and shell. This case also has 4 removable heavy-duty casters and stainless steel handles. Extra insurance if your equipment frequently ships via freight services.


Pelican Products rackmount cases v series classic hard case


Pelican Hardigg USA Made Rack Mount hard cases super V



Double Walled Rim for Tongue-in-Groove Seal remains sealed after impact, splash, rain, air and watertight resistant.


Lid Hanger keeps lids attached to case while case is open.


Shock Mounts provide excellent shock and vibration cushion for delicate equipment.


Coupling Catches attaching system for secure stacking.


Manual Purge Valve allows air pressure to be equalized to the atmosphere.


Positive Anti-Shear Locks prevent lid separation upon impact.

Recessed Hardware protected from impact, and snag free transport.

Black Hardware non-reflective black hardware eliminates glare in bright environments.

Patented Metal Inserts catch and hinge attachment points distribute load to case walls


Square Hole 19" Width Rack Frame fixed square hole frame for universal equipment fit.


Molded-In Stacking Ribs secure non-slip stacking on matched size cases.

Columnar Strength molded-in ribs provide extra columnar strength.


Reinforced Corners and Edges 15% to 20% thicker corners and edges for added impact protection.


Pelican Products Hardigg Classic V Rack Mount Case
Pelican Products Hardigg V Series Shock Mount Rack Case
33" (83.8 cm) RACK DEPTH
Pelican Products rolling wheeled rack mount cases usa made

4 removable heavy duty bottom casters

Pelican Products Hardigg Mobile rackmount hard cases USA Made

heavy-duty spring loaded handles lay flat, and snap back in place after use

Pelican Products protective locking rack mount cases Hardigg

allow for padlock attachment to keep case locked and secure

Pelican Products Super V Series rackmount case hard cases
Pelican Products V Series Shock Mounted Rack Mount hard cases
24" (61 cm) RACK DEPTH
Pelican Products Wheeled Rolling rack mount case hard cases USA made

edge casters and handles on rear lid for ease of movement

Pelican Products V Series Mobile rackmount hard cases Hardigg

heavy-duty spring loaded handles lay flat


Catalog Number U Size Rack Size (L x W x H)
CLASSIC-V-SERIES-3U 3U 33.00" x 19" x 5.25"
(83.8 x 48.3 x 13.3 cm)
more details
CLASSIC-V-SERIES-4U 4U 33.00" x 19" x 7.00"
(83.8 x 48.3 x 17.8 cm)
more details
CLASSIC-V-SERIES-5U 5U 33.00" x 19" x 8.75"
(83.8 x 48.3 x 22.2 cm)
more details
CLASSIC-V-SERIES-7U 7U 33.00" x 19" x 12.25"
(83.8 x 48.3 x 31.1 cm)
more details
CLASSIC-V-SERIES-9U 9U 33.00" x 19" x 15.75"
(83.8 x 48.3 x 40 cm)
more details


Catalog Number U Size Rack Size (L x W x H)
SUPER-V-SERIES-3U 3U 24.00" x 19" x 5.25"
(61 x 48.3 x 13.3 cm)
more details
SUPER-V-SERIES-4U 4U 24.00" x 19" x 7.00"
(61 x 48.3 x 17.8 cm)
more details
SUPER-V-SERIES-5U 5U 24.00" x 19" x 8.75"
(61 x 48.3 x 22.2 cm)
more details
SUPER-V-SERIES-7U 7U 24.00" x 19" x 12.25"
(61 x 48.3 x 31.1 cm)
more details
SUPER-V-SERIES-9U 9U 24.00" x 19" x 15.75"
(61 x 48.3 x 40 cm)
more details
SUPER-V-SERIES-11U 11U 24.00" x 19" x 19.25"
(61 x 48.3 x 48.9 cm)
more details
SUPER-V-SERIES-14U 14U 24.00" x 19" x 24.50"
(61 x 48.3 x 62.2 cm)
more details

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