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Case Accessories
Cat No. Accessory Name Accessory available for
iM2750-FOAM 7 pc. Replacement Foam Set iM2750
iM27XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit iM2750
iM27XX-BEZEL-LID Lid Bezel Kit iM2750
iM27XX-UTILITYORG Utility Organizer iM2750
iM-LIDSTAY Lid Stay iM2875
iM-VALVE-M-B Manual Purge Valve iM2875
iM2875-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit iM2875
iM2875-BEZEL-LID Lid Bezel Kit iM2875
iM2875-DIV Padded Dividers iM2875
iM2875-FOAM 7 pc. Replacement Foam Set iM2875
iM2875-UTILITYORG Utility Organizer iM2875
iM-LIDSTAY Lid Stay iM2950
iM-VALVE-M-B Manual Purge Valve iM2950
iM2950-DIV Padded Dividers iM2950
iM2950-FOAM 6 pc. Replacement Foam Set iM2950
iM29XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit iM2950
iM29XX-BEZEL-LID Lid Bezel Kit iM2950
iM29XX-UTILITYORG Utility Organizer iM2950
iM-LIDSTAY Lid Stay iM2975
iM-VALVE-M-B Manual Purge Valve iM2975
iM2975-DIV Padded Dividers iM2975
iM2975-FOAM 8 pc. Replacement Foam Set iM2975
iM29XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit iM2975
iM29XX-BEZEL-LID Lid Bezel Kit iM2975
iM29XX-UTILITYORG Utility Organizer iM2975
First Previous Case Accessory 1276 to 1286 of 1286